Tesla is expanding the use of its Superchargers for non-Tesla cars

Charging by Superchargers is now possible for non-Tesla cars in several European countries. L’Tesla companyknown for its electric cars, is expanding its Supercharger pilot program across the European continent. From now on, owners of electric vehicles can take advantage of this charging network. This offer also applies to non-Tesla cars. Relative to load standards of … Read more

VE: 100 Ionity stations in France (as many as Tesla) and tariffs that go to kWh

We thought the Ionity network had been a little sleepy in recent months, and yet, one of the precursors of fast charging stations on the highway has continued to equip service stations. Co-financed by Europe and several car manufacturers (Volkwagen, BMW, Mercedes, Ford and Hyundai/Kia), the group now has 100 stations in France, almost as … Read more

Tesla’s Autopilot is under investigation again. This time because he killed 3 people

Tesla has no rest and what it guarantees to drivers and what sets it apart from most automakers seems to be constantly going wrong. An example of this is Autopilot which is again under investigation. This time, because of an accident that killed three people. Tesla’s Autopilot is under investigation again, according to the Wall … Read more

Tesla streaks profit records

The Californian electric car manufacturer has never made so much money as in the third quarter of 2021. The crisis, what crisis? What insolence! While many manufacturers are trying to weather a storm of several months as best they can, mixing pandemic and shortages of all kinds, Tesla displays an almost outrageous financial health in … Read more

in Brandenburg, the future Tesla factory is skating

In the rural and wooded region of the Land of Brandenburg, near Berlin, a haven of peace for holidaymakers, hikers and other cyclists, a gigantic industrial site has emerged in less than a year. The first buildings of the future Tesla factory have already come out of the ground. Placed on some 300 hectares of … Read more