At a Miami gas station, record inflation fuels mistrust for Biden

Published on : 04/16/2022 – 10:07 This is record inflation in the United States. Year on year, prices rose 8.5% according to figures released this week by the Labor Department. The White House blames the war in Ukraine, but at the pump, many Americans are exasperated. For its part, the government announced the sale of … Read more

Joe Biden tightens rules against “ghost weapons” in the United States

Published on : 04/12/2022 – 00:08 While saying he is in favor of the right to own a gun, US President Joe Biden announced on Monday, in the name of “common sense”, a new executive order according to which the spare parts that can be easily assembled into a firearm will be subject to the … Read more

Joe Biden to tighten regulations against ‘ghost’ weapons

Published on : 04/11/2022 – 13:16 US President Joe Biden will announce on Monday a decree against so-called “phantom” weapons, which are difficult to spot in the absence of a serial number and can be mounted at home in just a few minutes. The executive order, which took a year to develop, concerns a type … Read more

transatlantic unity against Moscow put to the test by the Macron-Le Pen duel

Published on : 04/11/2022 – 06:19 The American media, very concerned about the war in Ukraine, underlined on Sunday evening how much the outcome of the French presidential election, opposing the pro-EU and pro-NATO Emmanuel Macron to the nationalist Marine Le Pen, could weigh on the unity of the camp. west facing Moscow. Newspaper. Focused … Read more

billionaire Elon Musk inaugurates a new Tesla mega-factory in Texas

American entrepreneur Elon Musk inaugurated a new Tesla factory called “Giga Texas” in Austin on Thursday, in a pharaonic atmosphere and decor. The factory covers an area equivalent to a hundred football pitches. It is Tesla’s fifth mega-factory, after those in Nevada, New York, Shanghai and Berlin. Invitations by the thousands, a boss adored by … Read more

in the United States, Oklahoma votes to ban abortion almost completely

Published on : 04/06/2022 – 16:59 Yesterday Tuesday April 5 during the vote, reports USA Todaymore than a hundred demonstrators chanted in front of the Oklahoma City Capitol: Leave our bodies alone with your bans », « we’ve had enough “. If the law is signed by Governor Kevin Stitt, who has already ” promised … Read more

climate change could cost 2 trillion dollars by the end of the century

Published on : 04/05/2022 – 09:35 While the IPCC report offers solutions to fight global warming, climate change in the United States is expected to cost $2 trillion by the end of the century. Budget revenue is expected to decline by 7.1% annually. This is the conclusion of the report by the Office of Management … Read more

Biden administration lifts Trump immigration restrictions

Published on : 04/03/2022 – 03:02 In the United States, the Biden administration announces the lifting of immigration restrictions imposed at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. A decision that risks increasing arrivals at the southern border and which angers Republicans. With our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki The measure was put in place … Read more