another 100,000 Teslas recalled in China

The Chinese regulator explained this time that it was a reloading problem. The American electric car giant Tesla must recall more than 100,000 vehicles for the third time since April, this time due to a charging problem, the Chinese regulator announced on Monday. Read alsoRenault: the Alpine factory in Dieppe reinvigorated by electric The electrical … Read more

Mercedes will sell, before Tesla, cars with autopilot

Watching a movie when it’s jammed on the highway: that’s what the system will allow “Drive Pilotfrom Mercedes-Benz, marketed from mid-May in Germany, ahead of Tesla in the competitive niche of autonomous driving called “level 3“. The system, which allows you to take your hands off the steering wheel and look away from the road … Read more

Tesla recalls vehicles in China for the second time in less than a month

The American electric car giant Tesla is recalling nearly 15,000 vehicles in China for the second time this month due to a software problem, the Chinese regulator announced on Friday. The cars concerned have a defect in the speed display, said the market regulator (SAMR). “In extreme cases, this increases the risk of an accident … Read more

Elon Musk sold several million Tesla shares on Tuesday and Wednesday, earning him $4 billion

To finance the acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk has pledged to contribute up to 21 billion dollars of personal contribution, the rest being financed by debt. Many investors are wondering about the actual completion of this operation. Elon Musk sold, Tuesday April 26 and Wednesday April 27, just over 4.4 million Tesla shares, of which … Read more

Tesla reports first quarter profit of 3.3 billion and exceeds expectations

Elon Musk’s group saw its net profit multiply by seven over the period, while its turnover rose by 81%. Tesla managed to deliver record results in the first quarter of 2022 despite problems with its supply chain and Covid-19, which have slowed production at its factories, and rising commodity prices. The turnover of the group … Read more

Employees of an Apple store in New York are trying to create a union there

Employees of the Apple store located in the legendary Grand Central station in New York have begun the process of forming a union, which would be a first for a store of the company in the United States, according to a website launched by these employees. Read alsoThe salary of the 100 biggest American bosses … Read more

an Evergreen company container ship stranded for a month on the East Coast finally freed from sand

The Ever Forward was stranded in the Chesapeake Bay, north of Washington, after a failed turn on the night of March 13-14. It is operated by the company whose another ship, the Ever Given, blocked the Suez Canal in March 2021. A gigantic container ship stranded for more than a month in a bay on … Read more

the jump in automobile production in March boosts industrial production

Industrial production in the United States increased in March at the same pace as in February, driven by the strong rebound in automobile production, according to data released Friday by the American Central Bank (Fed). The increase in total production was 0.9% in March, as in February, according to upwardly revised data also published on … Read more

driven by Tesla, the electric conquers two thirds of the car market in 2021

Boosted by Tesla sales, nearly two-thirds of new registrations were all-electric cars in 2021 in Norway, a specialized body announced on Monday, a figure unequaled in the world. Read alsoLe Figaro traveled 700 km in an electric car, a real obstacle course According to the Road Traffic Information Council (OFV), 64.5% of new cars sold … Read more

In the United States, wind turbines briefly eclipse nuclear and coal

A symbolic step, wind turbines have for the first time in the United States produced more electricity in one day than coal or nuclear, the American Energy Information Agency (EIA) said on Thursday. Read alsoEDF plants first offshore wind turbine in France They generated a total of 2,017 gigawatt-hours of electricity on March 29, with … Read more