The cute moment of a protective cat who reassures his frightened little brother during the absence of their mistress (video)

© Rosa Leger / TikTok Do cats show love? A question to which many owners already have a categorical answer. The behavior of Nosy and Baby, Rosa Leger’s two cats, brings the ultimate observation. nosythe first to arrive in the home of Rosa Legerhas always been a cat with an independent and distant character towards … Read more

The incredible fate of a cat who finds its owners after 16 years of wandering!

© Delaware News Journal (screenshot) Ritz escaped 16 years ago, leaving his owners heartbroken. Following this terrible disappearance, the cat with the tabby coat ended up belonging to the past. Until the day his family received the amazing message from a veterinary clinic based in Glasgow (Delaware, USA). Losing a pet is an extremely painful … Read more

The immense pride of a Pitbull dad when he meets his 8 puppies for the first time (video)

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The story of Eggbert, this cat with one eye and one nostril less who charmed the Internet and his new family

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The immeasurable emotion of a family when their missing dog reappears at home (video)

© Steven Beltran A week after going missing, a dog returned home just as inexplicably. Surprised, his masters let their joy explode. A scene filmed by a surveillance camera. Steven Beltran and his family live in Barranquilla, in northern Colombia. A family that includes many beloved and pampered dogs, including Brownies. When the latter vanished … Read more