around sixty cats found frozen or buried after an eviction

Dozens of them were found mixed with iced popsicles and breaded fish fillets in the freezer, while others were buried in the dirt of numerous flowerpots scattered around the house. About sixty cats were found frozen or buried by the owners of a house in Bellegarde-en-Forez (Loire) following the eviction of their occupants, we learned … Read more

a first case diagnosed in Lyon?

The first case identified last week is a 29-year-old man, living in Île-de-France, with no history of travel to a country where the virus is circulating. Two other patients have since been diagnosed, without their place of residence being specified. According to France 3, one of these two patients was taken care of on Sunday … Read more

A 2-year-old girl seriously injured by a dog: the animal will be euthanized according to a decree

The facts took place this Monday in the town of Péronne-en-Mélantois in Metropolitan France. A 2-year-old girl was bitten several times by a dog. The young victim was hospitalized and the mayor of the town decided to euthanize the animal because “necessary for everyone’s peace”. A controversial decision. 2-year-old girl seriously injured This Monday, May … Read more

Axon man sentenced for killing his dog

MISCELLANEOUS FACTS He had taken his dog in a car to kill it there. A resident of Fontaine-lès-Vervins, in Thiérache was tried and sentenced. Posted on 05/17/2022 at 14:27 Hunting is an ancestral practice, no offense to some who would like to rewrite Our History. Hunt is not contrary to the Nature of …Read more … Read more

coworking with cats is now possible at Gentlecat!

The famous cat bar has just reopened after being closed for two weeks. Look no further for the Gentlecat at 16 rue du General Plessier! The cat bar in the Perrache district has moved a few hundred meters further. More exactly 51 rue Auguste Comte. “New location, new atmosphere“, declare Jimmy and Jérémy, the two … Read more

Overweight men die more often from prostate cancer

The risk of dying from prostate cancer is higher in overweight men, concludes a large study published Thursday, May 5, without establishing a direct physiological link between these two phenomena. Read alsoCancers: “signaturesto paint a more accurate picture of tumors This study, published in the journal BMC Medicine, is of unprecedented scope on the subject. … Read more

stolen puppy found by police during arrest

The facts date back to last Monday. On the morning of April 25, rue Francis-de-Pressensé in Villeurbanne, a man, who was holding a puppy on a leash, stole a phone from the bag of a woman accompanied by a friend before fleeing. Moments later, they spotted the alleged thief. They went to chat with him … Read more

with these new masters who make their dog an equal

INVESTIGATION – Pets have never held such a place in our society. Considered by some to be almost human, do dogs and cats have the sole vocation of filling an omnipresent emotional void? Camille is 29 years old, she lives near the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, wears tortoiseshell glasses and puts on her sneakers three … Read more

Saint-Paul: “Dogs massacred more than 70 of my ducks and hens” says a farmer

Jean-Leonus farmer in Saint-Paul made a sad discovery this Monday morning. More than 70 chickens and ducks were killed after a dog attack. Some animals were injured or are still dying this morning. This is not the first time the farmer has been the victim of a dog attack. A massacre”. A new attack in … Read more

England: a 2-year-old child, bitten by the family dog, is disfigured

Romy Griffiths, a 2-year-old boy, undergoes an operation with 100 stitches after being attacked by Blizzard, the family dog. A case of dog attack The accident occurred on December 27 in the West Midlands (England) when the dog of the family, Blizzardstarted attacking 2-year-old Romy, reports He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossbreed who … Read more