A mysterious and unknown civilization of the Amazon is revealed from the sky

STORY – Sightings by plane have unearthed the remains of a vanished culture deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Dense, hostile, uninhabitable, the Amazonian forest has nevertheless sheltered complex and interconnected civilizations for several centuries. A new study published in the journal Nature reveals the existence of about twenty sites in an area … Read more

A wild cat kills fawns in a farm in Saint-André: only a small miracle remains

Two fawns were massacred in a farm in Saint-André, their paws devoured by a wild cat. In the litter of newborns, there is only one little survivor left. The only survivor of the litter, the miraculous little fawn must be isolated so as not to be attacked. It was this morning that Jean Daniel Vee … Read more

“Our immune system has capabilities that no drug can ever match”

MAINTENANCE – Pr Olivier Michielin, oncologist in Lausanne, takes stock of the extraordinary benefits of immunotherapy on the occasion of the publication of a book intended for the general public. It’s a word that may mean nothing to you at the moment but which will gradually impose itself in our lives. Immunotherapy – which means … Read more

a first case diagnosed in Lyon?

The first case identified last week is a 29-year-old man, living in Île-de-France, with no history of travel to a country where the virus is circulating. Two other patients have since been diagnosed, without their place of residence being specified. According to France 3, one of these two patients was taken care of on Sunday … Read more

More than 20 dogs found in three weeks in squats in Saint-Denis

Last Wednesday, the Association for Education in Animal Benevolence (APEBA) intervened again in Saint-Denis to recover dogs in a squat. This association has been dealing with this kind of situation for several years. The process always seems to be the same: children, quite young, kidnap stray dogs in the street to bring them to unoccupied … Read more

UNAIDS warns against homophobia and racism

UNAIDS warned on Sunday that the homophobic and racist slippages sometimes observed in comments on the disease “Monkeypox” (the monkeypox, in French), could “rapidly undermine the fight against the epidemic”. Read alsoThis mysterious epidemic of “Monkeypox” transmitted from human to human in Europe A significant proportion of the hundred cases of Monkeypox confirmed by the … Read more

new cases every day in the UK

Several European countries have identified cases of monkeypox, which could accelerate in Europe, said Friday a regional official of the World Health Organization (WHO). The UK is recording new cases of monkeypox every day, an official with the UK Health Security Agency said on Sunday, a matter the government says is taking “very seriously“. “We … Read more

A 2-year-old girl seriously injured by a dog: the animal will be euthanized according to a decree

The facts took place this Monday in the town of Péronne-en-Mélantois in Metropolitan France. A 2-year-old girl was bitten several times by a dog. The young victim was hospitalized and the mayor of the town decided to euthanize the animal because “necessary for everyone’s peace”. A controversial decision. 2-year-old girl seriously injured This Monday, May … Read more

The sun is up to twice as dangerous in Reunion

The 24th edition of the National Skin Cancer Prevention and Screening Week is being held from May 20 to 24. According to Inca, the National Cancer Institute, 80,000 new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in France each year (2/3 of which are due to excessive exposure to sunlight and UV radiation). In Reunion, the … Read more

a first confirmed case of infection in France

The man who contracted the virus in Île-de-France has no history of travel to a country where the virus is circulating, according to health authorities. A first confirmed case of monkeypox was detected Thursday, May 20 in Ile-de-France, health authorities announced on Friday. He is a 29-year-old man with no history of travel to a … Read more