Ferrero case: Salmonella, E.coli… common bacteria, with sometimes very virulent strains

Food poisoning linked to the ingestion of food contaminated with pathogenic bacteria can lead to serious complications. Salmonellosis is the most widespread in Europe. Rarer, E.coli poisoning is also much more dangerous. Article reserved for subscribers Deputy head of the company service By Sandra Durieux Published on 5/04/2022 at 19:48 Reading time: 3 mins TAll … Read more

Towards a ban on certain breeds of dogs in Belgium?

Last February, Norway banned the breeding of two breeds of dogs: the English bulldog and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Could such a ban see the light of day in Belgium? Deciphering the phenomenon of so-called “hypertyped” canines. » Article reserved for subscribers By Candice Bussoli (st.) Published on 03/18/2022 at 15:07 Reading time: 5 … Read more

Coronavirus: a dog’s life for our deconfined canines

The isolation offered by the pandemic was for dogs, gregarious animals par excellence, the perfect opportunity to reconnect with their masters. Now that they have found their way back to the offices, how are our four-legged friends left in the basket doing? Explanations with two canine behaviorists. Article reserved for subscribers By Candice Bussoli (st.) … Read more