Investigation in the United States into five deaths of children from unexplained hepatitis

One hundred cases of severe liver inflammation have been detected in 25 states and US territories. US health authorities announced Friday, May 6 to investigate 109 cases of unexplained hepatitis in children, including five deaths. Read alsoMysterious cases of hepatitis: nearly 230 probable cases worldwide, according to WHO These cases of severe liver inflammation are … Read more

Tesla factory accused of racial segregation in California – Liberation

A California state agency has sued Tesla for racial discrimination. The electric vehicle manufacturer is accused of “racial segregation” in the workplace. Insults, altercations… Up to a hundred times a day. A California state agency has sued Tesla, the firm run by billionaire Elon Musk, for racial discrimination, accusing the electric carmaker of “racial segregation” … Read more

Tesla: a controversial tweet from Elon Musk considered “false and misleading” by a judge

This group of investors accuses Elon Musk of having made them lose money with this tweet which made the action of the group waver for a few days. In his decision published on Saturday, the judge in charge of the case ordered him to no longer state publicly that he had indeed “secure funding” to … Read more

an Evergreen company container ship stranded for a month on the East Coast finally freed from sand

The Ever Forward was stranded in the Chesapeake Bay, north of Washington, after a failed turn on the night of March 13-14. It is operated by the company whose another ship, the Ever Given, blocked the Suez Canal in March 2021. A gigantic container ship stranded for more than a month in a bay on … Read more

Billions of genetically modified mosquitoes released in the US

Rory Morrow United Kingdom 2 hours ago 4 mins Male mosquitoes do not bite or spread disease. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has authorized the release of more than 2 billion genetically modified mosquitoes in the states of California and Floridawith the aim of combating diseases such as dengue fever and the Zika … Read more

At a Miami gas station, record inflation fuels mistrust for Biden

Published on : 04/16/2022 – 10:07 This is record inflation in the United States. Year on year, prices rose 8.5% according to figures released this week by the Labor Department. The White House blames the war in Ukraine, but at the pump, many Americans are exasperated. For its part, the government announced the sale of … Read more

Washington approves $1 billion sale of military equipment to Nigeria

Published on : 04/16/2022 – 19:19Modified : 04/16/2022 – 19:21 Washington has just authorized the sale of attack helicopters and related equipment to Nigeria for a value of around 1 billion dollars. Washington thus reaffirms its military support for its strategic partner in West Africa, which has been confronted for years with a jihadist insurrection … Read more

China must pay the price for supporting Russia, US senators warn

China must pay a greater price for its support for Russia in the midst of war with Ukraine, US Senator Lindsey Graham warned on Friday April 15 during a visit to Taiwan by parliamentarians, who reaffirmed Washington’s desire to don’t abandon the island. Read alsoLIVE – War in Ukraine: Russia to intensify strikes on kyiv … Read more

Paris calls for stay of execution of Mexican-American woman in the United States

France called on the American authorities on Friday April 15 to “stay the executionby Mexican-American Melissa Lucio, sentenced to death for the murder of her daughter after a controversial trial. Read alsoA black prisoner, first executed of 2022 in the United States In 2007, 2-year-old Mariah was found dead in her home, covered in bruises, … Read more